Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Batman, vacuums, and huggy zombies

so late last night i was reading a wonderful zombie book called super zombie juice mega bomb, and thus had one of the strangest dreams ever.  The zombie apocaplypse had just begun, however it was not as planned.  The zombies were giant pink fluffy teddie bears and they zombified you by giving you a hug. Now since this is such a terrifying disease who else would come to help me in my efforts to slay the zombie bear menace but Batman.  So of course in this completely logical dream my weapon of choice is a handi-vac equipped with a bayonet.  Oh did I mention that to kill the cuddly beasts you had to unstuff them.  So eventually i woke up because i had been hugged and batman tore out my stuffing. the end

1 comment:

  1. Wow, stumbled on your blog and discovered SZJMB has inspired it's first dream!

    Now just don't sue me when I write: Pink Zombie Mega Bear!

    Seriously, glad you are enjoying the book!